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Skin Therapy Zone is water wise

Did you know Skin Therapy Zone is Water Wise?

Skin Therapy Zone uses 250ml of water per Facial. This 'grey Facial water' is used for 'flushing toilet'. Distilled Water is used in the steamer. Skin Therapy Zone only offers a dry manicure, Gelish and Pediology, and has done so for 12 years!
Skin Therapy Zone

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Nimue is a Derma-Cosmeceutical, this means it is a skin care product that has pharmaceautical benefits for dermal (superficial and deeper skin) improvement. Nimue has researched and developed a unique triple concentrated Alpha Hydroxy Acid Complex (AHA) that uses the correct concentration and percentage to achieve optimal skin rejuvenation with minimal skin irritation.

Nimue's active ingredients facilitate optimum skin health through a 4-phase treatment, namely:

  1. Rejuvenation of the skin - stimulate the skin function and create structural improvement in the skin.
  2. Restoration of the skin - by regulating any imbalance in the skin.
  3. Anti-oxidation of the skin - by inhibiting the damaging effects of free radicles.
  4. Sun Protection - the most advanced sunscreen to reduce and prevent the harmful effects of UV rays.

Skin Therapy ZONE advises the Nimue 3 Phase Skin Health Programme for optimum skin rejuvenation.

  1. Basic Homecare for 30% skin results.
  2. Active Homecare for 20%  results.
  3. Active Treatments for 50% skin results.

Nimue Rejuvenation Facial Therapy

Nimue rejuvenation facial treatments are suitable for clients on phase 1 and phase 2 Nimue skin care products.

Nimue Active Rejuvenation Treatment
Duration: 60 mins / Price: R500

A specialised skin treatment for active skin rejuvenation with 15% AHA Bio Active Complex. This professional treatment enhances the penetration of your Nimue skin care products. It is a active, yet gentle treatment that delivers powerful results, refining the skin texture, reducing pore size as well as improving elasticity and leaving the skin refreshed, radiant and full of vitality. This rejuvenation treatment is recommended at 2 to 4 weekly intervals for a course of 6 to 12 treatments.

Nimue Support Facial Therapy

Nimue support facial treatments are suitable as an introduction to Nimue skin care and for clients on Nimue phase 1 skin care products.

Nimue Therapeutic Treatment
Duration: 60 mins / Price: R440

A result orientated, relaxing treatment customised to the client’s specific skin requirements, with all the facial therapy essentials included: cleanse, exfoliate, gentle steam, massage and treatment mask. This therapeutic treatment is recommended as an introduction to Nimue facial treatments and as a monthly pamper or maintenance treatment.

Nimue Eye Treatment (with facial)
Duration: 15 mins / Price: R150

This professional treatment is specifically designed for the delicate eye area to increase hydration and results in a more youthful appearance to the eye area. This treatment can be enjoyed added to any Nimue Facial Therapy.

Nimue Advanced Rejuvenation Therapy

Nimue advanced rejuvenation facial treatments are suitable for clients on phase 1 and phase 2 Nimue skin care products. At least two (2) Active Rejuvenation treatments need to be completed before indulging in these Advanced Rejuvenation Treatments.

Nimue 35% Glycolic Treatment
Duration: 75 mins / Price: R600 / Course of 6: R3000

An active skin exfoliation treatment. The glycolic peel treatment provides a controlled and predictable removal of dead skin cells. This advanced rejuvenation treatment enhances cell regeneration and improves the texture, appearance and overall health of the skin.

Nimue 7,5% TCA Treatment
Duration: 75 mins / Price: R600 / Course of 6: R3000

This intensive treatment uses the Bio-active complex in combination with 7,5% TCA, for a deeper exfoliation. Resulting in a radiant, smoother texture and fading of uneven skin colouring. Specifically indicated for problematic skin.

Nimue SRC Facial - Environmentally Damaged Skin
Nimue SRC Facial - HyperPigmented Skin
Nimue SRC Facial - Problematic Skin

Duration: 60 mins / Price: R700 / Course of 6: R3500 (Pay for 5, get 1 FREE!)

This advanced skin corrective treatment uses a four-phase peeling system to facilitate superficial to medium peeling for progressive resurfacing of the skin. There are three SRC Facials, the advanced rejuvenation SRC complex can be used to treat:

Environmentally Damaged Skin - this advanced anti-aging formulation reduces wrinkles, improves appearance of age spots, softens and refines skin texture, promotes skin tightness and provides immediate skin radiance.

Hyper Pigmentated skin - this skin brightening formulation reduces hyperpigmentation, offers renewal and refinement of the skin, leaving it lighter and brighter.

Problematic skin - this decongesting formulation balances sebaceous secretions, while softening and refining the skin by helping to reduce pore size and improve skin texture. This treatment is recommended in a course of 6 to 8 cumulative treatments done at 3 to 6 weekly intervals depending on the condition of the skin.

Facial Extras

All facials include a brow shape (with tweezers). There is an extra charge for wax used for brow shapes.

Eye Brow Shape R50 - R100
Brow Tint R80
Lash Tint R90
Eye Package with Facial R150
Eye Package - without Facial R200