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Beauty treatments cape town
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Skin Therapy Zone is water wise

Did you know Skin Therapy Zone is Water Wise?

Skin Therapy Zone uses 250ml of water per Facial. This 'grey Facial water' is used for 'flushing toilet'. Distilled Water is used in the steamer. Skin Therapy Zone only offers a dry manicure, Gelish and Pediology, and has done so for 12 years!
Skin Therapy Zone

tranquilZONE pamper therapy ««  Back to all Packages
Duration: 4 hours  |  Price: R1090 (valued at R1240)

  •  Algologie Salt Exfoliation. - Enriching and energising full body polish to remove the build up of
     dead skin cells.
  •  ZONE Full Body Massage. - A full body massage with hot stone back massage to
     melt away tension.
  •  Algologie Avant'age Classique Facial.- The key to maintaining youthful skin. A regenerating,
     hydrating, nourishing, oxygenating and protecting facial.
  •  ZONE manicure.
  •  ZONE Pediology. - The ultimate pedicure. The 'microbel' pedicure machine files and
     buffs nails, while the milk therapy mask nourishes cuticles and dry skin. The reflex-style
     massage, complete this deluxe 'foot facial'.